CAP’s CAPpuccino Club

CAPpuccino Club Chillin’ Weekend

CAP’s CAPpuccino Club has been running for over a year.  The CAPpuccino Club events are an opportunity for the whole CAP family to come together for a time of fun and friendship.

Our annual Chillin’ Weekend took place from 20-21 April at the Compass Centre in Glenshee.  This was a wonderful weekend for clients, their families, CAP staff, befrienders, volunteers and supporters to all come together.   Thankfully we had good weather and everyone had great fun getting involved with the various activities arranged including archery, challenge activities and walks, and helpful information sessions, etc.  There were pamper sessions and many people were blessed through these relaxing times.  We also had opportunities for prayer and reflection and a time to remember God who is the reason why we do what we do.