What we do

Working to bring something of heaven down to earth

"Worship the Lord in the splendour of his majesty." 1 CHRONICLES 16:29

We aim to serve the community
And all who come to meet with us in Christ. By many activities and gatherings, but always by proclaiming and explaining the gospel message in such a way that touches the imaginations and hearts of those just starting to seek answers to eternal questions. And by strengthening and reaffirming those already, or long since, started on the journey.

Fellowship, fun and finding out more
There's lots going on. Check over the other pages on this section to see the many choices there are for getting involved in the church family. Youth and children's activities, worship, prayer, healing, craft.

Want a chance to explore?
House-groups and courses offer a constant opportunity for finding and developing a living faith: for exploring church, the bible, our own belief. Somewhere to bring the many questions we have, whether we're seeking for the first time and trying to understand how we can come to believe, or searching for support with life and spirituality.

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