Young people

A hive of activity with a liberal sprinkling of crazy!

Both in terms of the church young people, and through BREATHE, a project that engages and supports young people (11-18 year olds) in
Highland Perthshire.

BREATHE builds relationships
And through using appropriate learning tools, creates an environment where young people can discover themselves and develop.

BREATHE is overseen by the youthwork coordinator and a
committee of young people who are responsible for the running and
organising activities.

To find out more:

Franny McGrath, Youth Coordinator, The Breathe Project
Aberfeldy Parish Church, SC007899
email or call-07557 676094
or to go to the Breathe website, click here

Sam Wittmann will be assisting Franny on a regular basis to bring some new energy and vision to the youth work.

Pat Menzies will also be bringing her expertise in a number of areas to Rock Steady

'Bringing God to people… and people to God'