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Kisiizi Stove Building Project, SW Uganda

Over the last five reduced-smoke-stoveyears we have had close links with Kisiizi Hospital, a mission hospital in rural south west Uganda:

Improved stoves
Our main support has been to set up a stove project looking at ‘improved cookstoves’, which create far less smoke than traditional 3 stone open fires; this clearly is vastly better for health, as well as using 50% less wood and less likely to cause bad burns. Kisiizi Hospital is now fitted with improved stoves throughout, so the focus now has turned to introducing more and more into the surrounding community.

If you would like to know more...

...about the Stove Project, or to book a talk about it for a group, please contact Anna and Tom

Hovinais High School Charitable Trust, Arusha, Tanzania

The Hovinais Trust outreach started in April 2013 as a result of a personal contact between Flora Kiriambati in Arusha, Tanzania, and several members of Aberfeldy Parish Church who knew her recently deceased husband, Clemence.

Aberfeldy Parish Church sets to work
Saddled with significant debts, homelessness and the prospect of the newly opened secondary school closing, a charitable trust was formed in Scotland with its trustees all being members of APC. The aim was to try to provide sufficient support to enable Flora, the Headmistress, to hopefully succeed in making this Christian foundation,  catering for the poorest section of an impoverished society, viable.

Over £150,000 has been raised
The school is flourishing on a new site and with new buildings all paid for by the trust. The school is now self-supporting and has its own Board of Trustees in Arusha. The trust continues to help in funding two scholars from Acacia Maasai village, which has water tanks paid for and supplied through Healing Rooms Scotland and Aberfeldy Parish Church.

New school: Hovinais, Tanzania
New school: Hovinais, Tanzania

The work of the official trust has been discontinued as the objectives of the founders have been more than exceeded, thanks to the generosity and support of so many people, not least the members of APC. God’s hand has been writ large throughout the whole venture.

Blythswood Shoebox appeal - Christian kindness in action

Since 1966, Blythswood Care has combined the Christian message with practical help for those in need. It exists to support needy people in Eastern European countries with warm clothing, bedding and, additionally at Christmas time, gift boxes for men, women and children.  In 2015, 116,576 shoeboxes were distributed in Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kosovo, Moldova, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine.

Heading up the Shoebox Appeal in Breadalbane
We've been leadishoebox-posterng on the appeal for nearly 20 years, bridging the whole community. We work closely with staff and senior students from Breadalbane Academy to fund-raise, buy box fillers and, on Shoebox Day itself, fill approximately 500 boxes as a packing and customs-checking centre for the whole of Highland Perthshire.

Crossing valleys, ages and denominations as one community, along with lots of community-minded folks from both Tummel and Tay valleys, this ministry crosses churches, ages, and geography! It’s a day of great excitement.  This year our boxes are off to Romania.

Anyone can join the fun!
Shoebox wrapping: Aberfeldy Parish Church

Friday 23rd November 2018: Christmas wrap shoeboxes, have a natter, enjoy a soup lunch.

Living Stones Church and Primary School, Okara, Pakistan

Living Stones Church is situated in the city of Okara, which lies within the Punjab region of Pakistan. With a population of around pastor-waqas230,000, Okara is about 100 miles south west of the country’s second largest city, Lahore. The church  is led by Pastor Waqas Moazzam experiencing rapid growth, currently, there are around 500 members. His wife Salina is the headteacher in the school.

Free education to Christian children
Living Stones Primary School opened in March 2008 and offers free education to 300 Christian boys and girls in the local community.  The majority of children are from the street sweeper class and are the first in their families to receive any form of formal education. There are 17 teachers, including the Principal and Vice Principal, computer teacher, Christian education teacher and school nurse.

'Bringing God to people… and people to God'