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Please call us for help. Whatever the situation you’re facing, there is hope. Call free on-0800 328 0006.

It's a completely free service
To families and individuals in debt, regardless of faith, gender, background or sexual orientation.  We're not a purely functional financial service. Ours is an all-round practical and emotional support. We go to see our clients with debt help, budgeting advice, creditor negotiations, insolvency services and friendship: we're there for them until they become debt free.

Martin Lewis says...As Martin Lewis said earlier this year
...on BBC Radio 4 , You & Yours, when advising a caller to go to their local CAP centre for help:

 “You don’t have to be a Christian. That’s why they do it and why they fund it, not what they are about.”

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Can you help or want to find out more?

Angela works on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and can be contacted on-07513 652597 or


See the flyer 'Lifting the Weight of Debt in Scotland '  - tap here



In line with the new GDPR, we attach our Privacy Policy with regard to how we store and use personal data for our volunteers and supporters. If at any time you wish to be removed from our database, please contact Angela Hanvey ( to let us know.


CAP volunteers preparing and delivering 25 hampers to clients and others in the community

Debt isn't about money

Debt is about people, about families and feelings, about mental and physical health, isolation and exclusion. Many of our clients work, some in professional jobs. For most, debt has come about because of relationship break-up, business or investments failure, unemployment or ill-health.

Debt counselling isn’t about whittling down a sum on paper

It’s holding someone’s hand without judgement, walking the journey with them and telling them we’ll help them get out of the prison of debt. It’s about feeling cared for, restoring self-esteem, improving quality of life and helping our local communities to be more resilient in an age of cutbacks.

Called to help? Please get in touch with Angela on-07513 652597 or email

'Bringing God to people… and people to God'