What our visitors say

"Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it." HEBREWS 13:2

We love to welcome everyone
Every week. Once a year. Once in a lifetime.

Come and join us. it would be a joy to serve and bless you. Here's what our visitors say:

"'If only' we could stay for another week"

                                                     " Great to be here again"

"We love being here - it's great to be back!"

                                          "Amazing power of the Holy Spirit is present in the people of this church."

                                                            "Many thanks for the healing prayer."

"Lovely to be remembered from last time we were on holiday here."

                                                                      "Great service, super music, much love."

"Lovely to be back here and enjoy the fellowship. Thank you."

"Wonderful welcome, worship and Word - Blessed beyond measure! Thank you."

"What a blessing you all are. Continue being encouragers to one another. God bless you all! Service was wonderful."

                                                    "May you all be blessed as you continue to richly bless others."

"Loved the friendliness of the congregation towards visitors like us."

'Bringing God to people… and people to God'